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Philippe Viet :
the man behind the wine

My background has nothing to do with viticulture and wine. I am a boy from the city. My upbringing, my education, my roots, none of these predestined me to the life of a wine grower.

For more than fifteen years, I worked in the banking and IT consulting field in Paris and London. And one day, I decided to change route.

As many of us, I love wine and the emotions it evokes. But why make it?

Because I felt the urge to craft, create, experiment and shape with my hands.
Because I fell in love with the Beaujolais region, I decided to establish roots in this terroir. The undulating hills, the people – everything immediately appealed to me.
Because I made a major encounter. I worked with Eric Janin (Domaine Paul Janin et Fils, Moulin-à-Vent).

With him I understood that humility must be the cornerstone of my craft. Understanding and respecting your land is key to the crafting of great wines.


La nature a du bon

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